Comfortable Learning Environment

An academic world that ignites the student's minds with the passion for learning with most up to date infra structure and teaching methodologies.

Innovative Teaching System

Technically advanced and foresighted training system enables individual attention to children that doubles the result.

Qualitative Educational Process

Education that utilizes most modern methods incorporating ethical standards which will mould the youngsters into distinct personalities.

MOUNT GUIDE aims at igniting the young minds with enthusiasm and creating in them a passion for learning. We enable our students to grow into personalities of distinction supporting themselves, their families, the community and the society.

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Mount Guide International School has set up maximum of facilities needed for the progress ...

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Founder Chairman's Message

Read in the name of your Lord, who has created (all that exists). Thus was the first ever revelation received by Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). God created man out of a clot of congealed blood but blessed him with the abilities to read and to `use the pen` and hence guided him to the glorious path of righteousness. Education is not merely a process of earning knowledge and developing skills. It shall ensure the all round development of children and include the all-inclusive human goodness.

P.A Rahman, Founder Chairman

The ultimate aim of education is not the journey out ward but inward. Helping the child to understand his innate potential and to create an environment to bloom that specific potentials and skills should be the prime objective of education.

Faisal.K.K, Executive Director